Portland Oregon Tree Care & Arborist Services

Working with Springwater Arboriculture, your preferred Certified Arborist

A higher level of tree care for Portland, Oregon homeowners, homeowner associations (HOA), planned communities, property developers, and Realtors.

Rooted deeply in a mission to promote the life of your trees, Springwater Arboriculture provides a full range of certified arborist services. To help you understand how you can best enhance and protect your home and property values with proper tree care, Springwater provides Free on-Site Estimates, as well as in-depth Site Consultations and Reports, all backed by The Springwater “Clean-Site” Guarantee!

On-site FREE Estimate

Free on-Site Estimates are best for: property owners who have a fair idea of what sorts of services they might need, or who have specific tree care issues they would like to address. This might include specific tree removal & replacement, or immediate pruning needs to protect safety and property.

Free on-Site Estimates include:

  • An on-site visit from a Certified Arborist / Certified Tree Risk Assessor to assess your project needs.
  • Efficient service: site visits rarely require more than 30 minutes, and usually only take about 15-20 to asses your project scope.
  • A clear Estimate for services pertinent to the scope of your project needs.

Free on-Site Estimates do not include: The longer-term diagnosis or care services that are part of Site Consultations and Reports. Whereas a Free on-Site Estimate provides concise information regarding scope and price, Site Consultations and Reports seek to determine the cause of an unknown specific problem or issue and to prescribe a solution. Both the causes and the solutions are detailed in a Certified Arborist report. Wondering which is right for you? Just give us a ring, and we’ll help schedule the right visit to meet your needs.

The Springwater “Clean-Site” Guarantee

The Springwater “Clean-Site” Guarantee is as unique as it is simple:

we guarantee we will leave your property cleaner than it was when we arrived.

Not only is a clean site a safe place to work, but we understand that your home and property is not just a “work site”…we understand deeply that it’s your home, and that the natural beauty of your trees is a daily inspiration that is best left uncluttered. It may seem too simple to mention, but that’s why we guarantee it: because competent, professional service can be hard to come by, and our focus on detail and safety is one of the main reasons clients from as far as San Francisco and as nearby as Lake Oswego have kept us busy for more than twenty years.

Contact us for a Free Estimate or a Site Consultation.