Portland Oregon Certified Arborist & Tree Risk Assessor

About Arborist Certifications & Portland Tree Care

Certified Arborist: #PN5927A

The “Certified Arborist” qualification serves as a baseline for excellence in the tree care industry, based upon a nationally standardized test that examines your knowledge of arboriculture. It covers the core subjects pertinent to caring for your entire canopy and landscape, including:

  • soil management
  • tree indentification
  • tree selection
  • tree installation and establishment
  • safe work practices
  • tree biology
  • tree pruning
  • tree diagnosis and treatment
  • urban forestry
  • tree protection
  • tree risk management.

There is a requirement of 30 continuing-education units to be completed within a three-year term in order to re-certify. The focus on continued education, interaction with other arborists and educators and researchers is a crucial aspect to providing quality tree care for your property. This continuing-education focus also satisfies the recent state of Oregon requirements for arborists to keep their contractor’s licence current.

Certified Tree Risk Assessor: #328

Certified Tree Risk Assessors undergo a more intensive study in tree biology as it relates to tree mechanics, decay organisms, risk rating systems, and other tree care factors. The certification requires a two-day training course and a university-level exam on the subject matter with a score of 80% or better. This is a regional (Pacific Northwest) certification that is soon to be adopted by the International Society of Aboriculture. This certification is already widely sought by arborists from all over the United States, Canada and even Hong Kong. It is required by law in Canada already, and is currently being considered as a requirement for the Seattle area as well.

Licensed Contractor: OR CCB: 158098

These are basic legal requirements to provide services in Oregon, simply establishing insurance and bonding requirements for providers to operate in either state. Springwater Arboriculture is Bonded to $10,000, and insured to $2 million for both Residential and Commercial services.