Tree Pruning for Portland, Oregon Homes and Properties

Nov 16, '10Tree Pruning for Portland, Oregon Homes and Properties

Certified Arborist Tree Pruning includes a wide range of tree maintenance and tree care services that, when properly performed by a Certified Arborist, can both enhance aesthetics and augment the life of your trees. At a basic level, tree pruning is the action of removing or shortening branches; unfortunately poor knowledge and pruning practices often causes long-term damage, safety hazards, and sometimes even the death of the tree. Springwater Arboriculture brings more than two decades of pruning experience, employing a wide range of pruning techniques to care for your trees, including:

Ornamental Pruning

Ornamental Pruning can be practiced for the benefit of both shrubs and trees, and will enhance structure and shape a tree or shrub to fit into a larger landscape design concept.

Ornamental Pruning can provide dramatic aesthetic effects, such as sculptured topiary designs or the layered pruning designs common in Japanese garden design, and is one of our specialities at Springwater Arboriculture. Both our nursery stock and our on-site Ornamental Pruning services are sought after by discerning homeowners throughout the west coast.

Portland, Oregon homes are often lucky enough to feature examples of specific species that are of such a high quality that they are considered “specimen-quality”; another crucial benefit of ornamental pruning is a higher level of care for your prized specimen-quality trees. These rare examples each require and deserve a more stringent level of care to ensure their health and overall aeshetic effect; with more than two decades of on-site experience, and the lessons learned in our own nursery, Springwater Arboriculture can provide your prized trees with the care they need.

crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown reduction & restoration:

Crown Cleaning involves the removal of dead, diseased and damaged branches that may be a threat to either the tree itself, or structures on your Portland, Oregon property.

Crown Thinning involves the removal of selective branches to alleviate congestion and allow light and air to penetrate the crown. Consistent and well-practiced crown thinning helps your tree access the light, air and nutrients it needs for growth and longevity. Removing selected branches and growth will also provide for wind sail reduction, which can help protect your tree (and home) from heavy winds and weather. As with all aspects of pruning, the art lies in knowing just how much is enough: too much thinning can alter how the tree reacts to wind, and can lead to branch or whole-tree failure. Your Certfied Arborist will ensure that all factors pertaining to tree health will be considered to make sure your trees are healthy and safe.

Crown Reduction & Restoration is a pruning technique that focuses on reducing the “end weight” of individual branches: by reducing the weight you reduce the stress (downward force of gravity) on the banch, helping to prevent branch failure and property damage from collapsing branches. Crown Reduction & Restoration can also be employed to enhance views, or to scale a tree back so that it will fit into a particular landscape. While it is best to periodically attend to young and vigorous trees with annual maintenance, crown reduction is often used to “restructure” older trees as well. Mature trees that are not dangerous and do not require immediate removal can benefit greatly from restructuring via Crown Reduction & Restoration, prolonging their life and ensuring a safe landscape canopy.

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