Tree Fertilization & Nutrients, Soil Care & Testing

Jun 11, '10Tree Fertilization & Nutrients, Soil Care & Testing

As trees and shrubs mature, a soil test is recommended to establish an accurate soil nutrient profile, which describes the makeup of the nturients your trees are, or are not, recieving. When trees or shrubs are showing signs of poor health, it is unfortunately common to just “try something, then wait and see.” On the other hand, a soil test is an extremely cost-effective way to get accurate information and address defficiencies in your soil. Rather than spending money on nutrients and fertilizers that may not even address the problems at hand, a soil test can help reduce the cost of nutrients by determining the exact needs of the landscape.

The use of Tree Fertilization & Nutrients is dependent on developing a nutritional program for your Portland, Oregon trees and shrubs, and is especially necessary with newly planted landscapes before root systems have developed. Soil treatments include mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria innoculations, amongst others. These treatments help fortify root systems against root disease, and it also increases root absorption of nutrients and water, helping your landscaping investment flourish!

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