Nov 16, '10Cabling/Bracing

Cabling and Bracing can be useful for Portland, Oregon tree care when the trees around your home require extra support. As part of their natural aging process, the health and structural stability of your trees will decline. Likewise, trees may be injured by natural factors or poor management, all of which can lead to asymmetries in the form of the tree, and/or a weakened structure. Proper tree selection, planting, and care can help to minimize or postpone these problems, but they will probably never be eliminated. Especially as trees grow larger with their age, these problems become an increasing hazard, and can lead to a loss of limbs, or the entire tree, impacting property value and possibly causing damage to your home or other property structures. The use of cables or solid braces by a certified arborist can help restore balance and integrity to your valuable trees, and safety to your landscape canopy.

Certified Arborist Andrew Craig provides more than two decades of experience with cabling and bracing systems in many of the different tree species common in Portland, Oregon.

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