Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Nursery Stock in Portland Oregon

Springwater Arboriculture provides award-winning nursery stock for Portland, Oregon landscaping design.

Not only do we provide on-site, certified arborist tree care and consulting, we also provide landscape design, and installation with our own, locally-grown nursery stock. Our trees, plants, and shrubs have been featured in city parks, private gardens, and recognized for their health and beauty at various judged events. Our nursery-stock includes the following, and changes seasonally, so contact us for the latest offerings. In addition to the quick list below, we can source singular trees and entire job lists based on your preferences.

  • Korean dogwood
  • Japanese snowbell
  • persian parrotia
  • Japanese maple seedling and grafted varieties
  • We also grow two larger shade trees, Katsura and sour wood. These two trees are also pest/disease free and naturalize well.
Portland Certified Arborist Andrew Craig

Portland Certified Arborist Andrew Craig with some of his award-winning nursery stock.

Located in Oregon City, OR, the Springwater nursery provides trees that are generally top out around 25′, but have since added a few larger genuses to the product line. He focuses on species that have interest and good qualities for Northwest landscapes, such as flower color, fall color, leaf texture and arrangement, an interesting branch habit, and are also species that tend to be relatively pest- and disease-free. Springwater Nursery stock focuses on trees that demonstrate good adaptability to the local climate and the ability to naturalize to their installation. Not only is Springwater is a preferred nursery for local arborists, but Springwater stock has been sought out for installation in Seattle, the Bay Area, and a number of Atlantic states. Two Japanese maples are featured in the City of Portland’s Japanese Garden.

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