Portland Oregon Landscape Design & Plan, Planting, Installation by Certified Arborist

Start-to-Finish Landscape Design for Pacific Northwest homes:

Landscape Design and Planning process:

Landscape Design for a new custom Craftsman Home.

Landscape Design for a new custom Craftsman Home.

All designs begin with an onsite consult to determine your needs, and to help you realize the complete vision for your landscape. Design takes into consideration: site conditions, existing trees, shrubs, and built infrastructure, site uses, views and neighboring elements. Then, we develop a planting plan. the plan can be as basic as populating an un-landscaped property with new trees to establish canopy, or to satisfy mitigation requirements, or to establishing canopy trees and understory plantings ranging from large shrubs to groundcover. A planting plan includes:

  • Your preferences and favorite plants
  • consideration for seasonal interest, so that every part of the season brings variety, color and beauty
  • Screening and privacy considerations
  • Maintenance and ease-of-care; also considerations for pets and children
  • Plans can be thematic, ie: japanese, english, french country, pacific northwest, etc.
  • Can also design around significant landscape features such as water features, paving/walkways, patios and decking.
Landscape Design for a new custom Craftsman Home.

Landscape Design for a new custom Craftsman Home.

The Advantages of hiring a Certified Arborist for landscape design:

In most Portland communities, tree protection is required during building-construction, as well as landscape construction for new home builds and major remodels. The Portland Department of Forestry has fairly strict requirements regarding impacts and considerations for existing trees, their roots, groundwater management, and other factors. Expertise as an arborist is essential for any project involving existing mature trees, or for plans that include trees that will mature in future years. An Arborist’s advanced training is also indispensable, and sometimes required, when recommending retention of trees and tree protection during landscape construction. Recommendations can be made as to condition and value of existing trees/shrubs and whether retention is warranted and if transplanting and moving trees/shrubs is feasible both physically and economically. Springwater Landscape Design has expertise in trees, shrubs, groundcovers both native and exotic and has provided successful designs and installations for projects throughout Portland, and in numerous climate zones including Hood River, Puget Sound, San Francisco bay area, in the desert southwest, and all along the west coast.

Planning Costs:

Your Personalized Landscape Design & Plan can be as simple as an onsite consult with simple sketches to scale drawings with detailed design diagrams. Springwater has decades of experience working with all kinds of projects–from first-time homeowners, to property developers, to commercial land-management companies, and with all kinds of city, county and other municipal requirements–so you know you’ll get exactly the level of detail your need for your project. Often, costs for simpler consultations and planning can simply be included as part of the installation cost; for projects with more stringent requirements, we’ll determine the level of detail you need and provide an Estimate for your needs.

Award-Winning Nursery Stock

In addition to Designing and Planning your new landscape, Springwater is proud to offer a wide variety of prize-winning nursery stock to fill out your design vision. We can also source trees, shrubs, and groundcovers from many reputable growers to meet any need. Springwater can move or transplant as well, or enlist the help of other specialty contractors to move/transplant valuable specimen trees and shrubs.